EBS Immobilienkongress is the largest student-organized annual congress in Germany in the real estate industry with the goal to create a custom ticketing platform and app to streamline check-ins.

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EBS Immobilienkongress wants to switch from Eventbrite to their own booking platform to reduce costs while adding new features for the participants in the congress. The team wants to streamline the reoccurring problems at each year’s congress with digital solutions. Additionally, a complete website reorganization is required, since the team believes that splitting the website into multiple small pages makes it easier for the multiple visitor types to access their desired information.

The new web platform and app must be done in a way that each year the team can quickly adjust the content to the new yearly theme and start selling the new tickets seamlessly.


EBS Immobilienkongress is organized by students and EBS Real Estate Management Institute, which means that every year the topic and the teams are different. Thus, we needed to create a platform that is very easy to work with and rebrand for the new year’s congress.

We decided to use WordPress, since it’s most preferred by the team, to create a custom ticketing platform. It was then connected to a mobile app that the team uses at the check-in desk to scan QR codes and verify attendees’ tickets.

Our Poster Design for the 18th EBS Immobilienkongress


With the new platform, revenues from tickets rose by 37% compared to the average of the last two years. The new costs per ticket were reduced by 80% and check-in was seamless and taking less than 10 sec per person.

  • Custom ticketing platform
  • Invoicing
  • Ticket printing
  • Check-in app with customer verification
  • Custom coupon logic
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
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