TEDxEBS is an independently organized yearly event, hosted by EBS Business School at campus Schloss in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany.

It is a one day event, having workshops in the morning and around ten of the well-known TED-format speeches in the afternoon. This year’s theme was “The Turning Point”, which is an important moment in life that marks a change.

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TEDxEBS is organized by students and has to comply with the TED branding and regulations. This allows for some creativity and freedom within the yearly theme “The Turning Point”. This theme is the cornerstone around which the event was built.

The required services include branding,  design of print media, such as poster, flyers, brochure, name tags, website, social media campaigns.


TEDx events are a well-known stage for inspiring speakers to meet an open-minded local audience. As such, we were faced with the problem of having more than ten completely different speakers united under the same banner of “TEDxEBS: The Turning Point.” Additionally,  we have companies, such as Nintendo and VR First, running workshops in the morning.

 We began with the cornerstone for this project – the unique for this year’s event logo. It features a custom typography to form its theme: “The Turning Point.” It inspired the poster, flyer, and brochure design, which remain within the boundaries of the TED branding, but creatively stretching them to match this event’s specifics.  Additionally, the social media campaign featured a different logo-like graphic for each speaker (showcased below).


The event’s tickets were sold out within a record-breaking time of less than two weeks. To achieve this, our team provided:

  • New logo design
  • Social Media campaign
  • Poster design and print
  • Brochure design and print
  • Name tag design and print
  • Video editing 
  • Webdesign
  • Interactive campus map on the website
  • and many more.
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