YesWeGreen is here to help you live differently in everyday life. From the workshops to the products, you will live a different and original green experience.

The platform’s  portfolio ranges from experiences, such as learning how to cook healthy, knitting, gardening, making gifts and tools, to products, like bags, wines, toys, etc.

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As YesWeGreen is expanding, so are its needs for a customized online bookings platform. The team’s main goals for this platform are to replace the current website and extend it further by automating daily tasks, such as bookings rescheduling, communication with partners and clients, invoicing. Additionally, it needs to deal automatically with payouts to partners, provide variable commission possibilities, which are further complicated with a customized coupon logic of splitting costs between the platform and partners, and many other features that came up during the development process.

The core business activity is organizing private events where one verified partner teaches an audience of  people about a certain subject.


Understanding the business model of YesWeGreen was our first priority. To understand it well, we decided to thoroughly follow the customer purchase paths and build the platform to accommodate them.

As displayed on the mind map, the paths are quite interesting: you can purchase a gift card worth chosen amount of Euro, which can be later used multiple times in the future in exchange for products on the platform until it’s fully redeemed. Additionally, you can purchase directly with a credit card or you can use a mixture of both. This creates  three possibilities with purchases on the platform by:

  1.  Using a previously purchased gift card voucher,
  2. Using only a credit card, or
  3.  A mixture of both.

All those scenarios are further complicated by the need to have three types of coupon discounts for customers:

  1. One that is created and paid with the platform’s commission
  2. One, which is the same, but for partners, and
  3. a shared type that is split based on the commission ratio between the partners and platform.


Understanding well the business model and cashflows, we managed to build a platform fulfilling and exceeding the customer’s expectations and requirements. With the focus mostly on automation, tailored functionality, and user experience, some of the built features include:

  • Booking platform with three user levels: customers, partners, admins
  • Multiple analytics dashboards – partner dashboard, financial metrics for administrators, etc.
  • Advanced coupon logic
  • Automated variable payouts based on product type
  • Variable commission calculations on the product, partner, or taking the global commission percentage
  • Gift card management platform
  • Automated invoicing and payouts to partners
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Complete rework of the WordPress base
  • and many more.
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